Posted by: Jon Pyle | May 8, 2007

6 Sick Day Guilty Pleasures on TV

I’m home sick today, so I thought I’d put together a list.

1. Sesame Street

This show is genius. I haven’t watched it in about 17 years so I forgot about how much I like it. I probably laughed more today than I did when I was a kid. The Cookie Monster always delivers. Now, I can appreciate it on another level since I work in education. They utilize nearly every possible learning style to teach kids academic and social lessons. They have a good chapter about it in The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

2. The Golden Girls

Sure, it’s about Senior Citizen women and airs on Lifetime so a lot of guys might stay away, but not this guy. The comedy writing on this show is very good and worth watching simply for that. It’s classic sitcom writing and it allows you to relate to a completely foreign situation. A bit of trivia: this was Mitchell “Arrested Development” Hurwitz’s first gig as a writer.

3. NBA on ESPN Classic

No matter how often I tune in to watch a classic game, the shorts are always shocking.

4. Random movies

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Fire Birds? Hmmm….

5. Champion’s League Soccer

Getting a live Champion’s League match is the equivalent of hitting the sick day lottery. In terms of pleasant surprises, it would be like stumbling across a live NFL Conference Championship game at 1am when you can’t sleep.

6. The Game Show Network

Lingo is always fantastic and the Match Game always delivers the goods. Now, if I just figure out how to actually get on Lingo I’d be happy.


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