Posted by: Jon Pyle | May 11, 2007

Hurry, College Football, hurry fast…


Since its quite hot (92 degrees) and I’m having a challenging day at work today, I wanted to briefly reflect upon my favorite sport: College Football.

4 Things I’m looking forward to for the ’07-’08 Season

1. Heisman Race- No clear-cut early favorites for the Heisman this year. Even established players that returned to school all have serious question marks: Brohm (health?), Brennan (are stats enough?), McFadden (team in disarray?), Tebow (can he be the guy?), Hart/Henne (flashy?), Slaton/White (split votes?), Booty (how good is he without Jarrett/Smith?). This could be the year someone from outside the pack makes a serious run at the award. Could a defensive player win it?

2. Helmet stickers- one of my favorite aspects of college football. Unfortunately, not every team does it. The NCAA needs to pass a rule that requires all teams to utilize helmet stickers. Does anyone else remember the “Buckeye!” College Gameday commercial?

Here is a great link, albeit an old one, for helmet sticker info.

3. The USC Marching Band- just a little bit of homerism here. Nothing in football beats walking into the Coliseum with the band playing on a sunny California afternoon.

4. Upset Saturday- I always enjoy the one Saturday every year where a few Top 25 teams get upset in the same day. And of course the ceremonial tearing down of the goal posts.



  1. Yes, I think of “Buckeye!” often. That, and Warrick Dunn saying “One thing’s for sure, I’ll never be on the cover of Cat Fancy again”.

  2. Really close on #3… If you’d only sayd “Neyland Stadium” and “Pride of the Southland” I’d be with ya.

  3. Yeah #3 is kinda crappy. I f you would’ve said marching bands in general, we could’ve all let a happy sigh with a moment of reminiscing (for me specifically would’ve been at the Big House and the Rose Bowl). But, then you tainted your post with the crappy Trojan reference. I am with you overall, the playoffs and baseball are making this spring torturous.

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