Posted by: Jon Pyle | May 17, 2007

A Guide to Recognizing Your Bloggers: The Extrapolater, Part I

This is a new series I’m kicking off on this site.  The idea is pretty simple so I know I’m not re-inventing the wheel here. For example, the Big Picture already does something similar (and they do it well)… but my focus is not on the giants like Henry Abbot or Will Leitch.  I interview members of the mid-major blogosphere, which will help you get to know them and offer some insight into what they do. I decided that the best place to begin is with the bloggers that I enjoy the most. So, I started with The Extrapolater, a member of the WordPress family and veteran blogger.

Let’s start with the real serious stuff since I’m on a quest to win the Pulitzer here, what are your 5 favorite sports moments?

1. Kansas winning the 1988 National Championship when I was a freshman there.

2. KC Royals winning ’85 World Series in powder blue unis (this memory is seriously starting to fade).

3. Watching ODU beat VCU in the 2005 CAA championship game, earning a bid to the big dance.  The game went to OT and was a fantastic back-and-forth affair.  Mid-majors REALLY care who wins that conference tourney, and for good reason.

4. I was at the game last year when Virginia beat Duke on a last-second shot in OT.  It was a signature win in their new building and the atmosphere was electric.

5.  The only time I ever went to Wrigley, I saw a great game.  Jon Leiber pitched a complete game shutout and Fred McGriff hit a grand slam.  The cherry on top?  Barry Bonds was one of the victims of the shutout.

There were two players at KU in the mid 90’s that I used to enjoy: Adonis Jordan and Rex Something-or-other. What was his last name? What happened to those guys? 

Rex Walters was drafted by the Nets but didn’t have much impact in three seasons in the NBA.  He was an  Assistant coach at Valpo for three years, then joined Matt Doherty’s staff when he went to Florida Atlantic (after his UNC meltdown).  When Matty D. flew the coop to SMU, Rex was handed the head coaching job.Adonis is a bit more slippery.  He played overseas and apparently still maintians a home in
Germany, but I have no idea what he does for a living now.  I have always loved Adonis for coming to KU when they were on NCAA probation, when most other recruits flew the coop.

What sports do you follow closely? What teams?

My list of sporting moments probably gives me away.  I grew up in Kansas, and went to KU, so I love the Jayhawks above all else.  I really dig the Chiefs, too, with my favorite old school players being Derrick Thomas and Marcus Allen.  The Royals were amazing when I was a kid, but now they’re just sad, but I pay cursory attention to them in hopes that that they will become even marginally relevant again in my lifetime.


I went to lots of Rockies games when I lived in Denver for a few years, and now I live in Virginia, so I follow UVA and Old Dominion in any sport.  I can’t bring myself to enjoy the Nationals, but I watched Ryan Zimmerman in college, so I’m really rooting for him to continue kicking ass in the majors.


Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk! Is everyone at KU a big hoops fan?


KU hoops is kind of like
Nebraska football.  If you go there, what the hell else are you going to root for?  But it’s so intertwined with life on campus, you can’t help but love it. 

What is your greatest athletic achievement?

God I wish I had something to go here.  I think I hit five field goals in a row with a paper football during 8th-grade social studies once.

That’s impressive. I’m assuming they were at standard table length distance. Who were you playing? Were they impressed?

I’m sure it was my friend Kevin, and I probably hit him in the eye with attempt #4, so he wasn’t happy.

 Now share with us an embarrassing moment, sports related or otherwise.

This isn’t terribly embarassing, because a kind soul stopped me before I could really screw up.  I was at Camden with some friends a year or so after moving to this area.  When you’re at Camden, the thing to do is eat Boog Powell’s BBQ.  I was relatively new to the area, but I had noticed that people often put cole slaw on their BBQ here (not done in KC, but still very tasty).  When I went to the condiment table, I saw a big bin of what I took to be slaw, so I put two heaping spoonfulls on my sandwich.  The guy next to me looks, thinks for a minute, looks again, and says:


“Hey, I don’t mean to question you, but you DO know that’s horseradish, right?”


Good thing that person was there. Is it possible they were a guardian angel? It wasn’t Michael Landon was it?


Possibly, but I didn’t see any orange light surrounding his head during the exchange.

I’m assuming you don’t blog for a living. What’s the most challenging part of balancing work and your blog?

Trying to type really quietly.


Check out part two.



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