Posted by: Jon Pyle | May 17, 2007

Best. Gift. Ever.

Like some guys, I am notoriously difficult to buy presents for. There’s not a lot of stuff that I want and when there is, I typically buy it myself. This, as you can imagine, drives my wife crazy. She looks to buy me a great gift on every occasion that presents are customary and sometimes she wants to surprise me out of the blue. While she is always successful (I’m tough to shop for, but I’m quite easy to surprise), every great gift raises the degree of difficulty for the next present. But, she has outdone herself this time.

A list of one, Best Gift Ever:



1. XBox 360: 

Every time we watch an episode of the Simpsons I say, “This is one of my favorites,” (which has become a running joke) so whenever I use words like “best” or “favorite” there is some scrutiny around whether or not that is actually the case. Well, it certainly is for this one. There is no better gift to surprise me with and there couldn’t have been a more surprising time. I unexpectedly had to work late yesterday, so I wasn’t too excited about that. She just got a job at Coach, so our last conversation was about her buying a purse bag that she’s been eyeing. So my focus coming home was repeating “Remember she got a new purse and compliment her on it” over and over again in my head. I do that for haircuts and other things I probably wouldn’t notice without prompting that she’d like me to notice. So, when I got home she gave me a card, which is always a nice gesture. At that point, I figured it was a nice “Thank You” or “I love you” kind of card. I opened it up, moved a piece of paper out of the way and read the card. It was very sweet. What I didn’t notice is on that seemingly superfluous paper was my ticket to a brand new XBox 360! One thing I really appreciated was that she didn’t buy it because after doing her research, she realized there were so many options that she wanted me to pick it out myself! Now, that’s thinkin’. We went out to go buy it, but Costco was closed and Best Buy offered a better deal online. So since we both have Friday off, we’re going to go buy it together! I could think of no better gift for a man four years removed from college and firmly implanted in the world of true adulthood (not that post college faux-adulthood).

Cheers to a wonderful present from a wonderful wife. She gets like 12 Helmet Stickers for this effort!



  1. Yes! Now you can perfect your skills at NCAA 08. Then, you can move up in the ranks like me and start battling against 14 year olds in Alaska. They are pretty good up there. I think its b/c the sun never comes up for half of the year. Just stop yourself when you are paying $100 for a headphone/mic.

  2. It really is just about the best thing ever.

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