Posted by: Jon Pyle | May 18, 2007

LINKofvich Chumofski

The format issue on the main page (turning all lettering to green font) is moderately annoying. If you know how to fix it OR have a great link, email me:

I know it’s old news by now but, how did High Chief Bobby Carpenter come out of the Hawk/Quinn wedding unscathed? Check him out in the “Village People” group photo on the bottom. (The Big Lead)

Interested in betting on the whereabouts of Jose Mourinho’s terrier? Look no further. By the way, where are the Free Jose shirts? (Soccernista)

I really enjoy the randomness of Mike White and Digital Headbutt. You will too, especially if you’re looking for the latest news on dominoes. (Digital Headbutt)

One of my favorite features on any blog: Voodoo Sabermetrics. (The Extrapolater)

You probably already have read it, but I found this piece on pick-up basketball from Patrick Hruby at Page 2 quite humorous. Think it’s a coincidence which players are drawn as black? (Page 2)


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