Posted by: Jon Pyle | May 21, 2007

LINKofvich Chumofski

Romario scores his 1,000th goal… kind of. Does this mean I can start utlizing my stats from neighborhood football games? In that case, I’m probably closing in on 75 TD’s. Sadly, still nowhere near Jerry Rice. (Toronto Star)

Want to see Becker back on the air? Uncancel your favorite show here. (DeadOn)

“Stop hitting yourself” said AJ Nicholson to his girlfriend. What is he, 7? This is the worst excuse since Julio Lugo. On a serious note, domestic violence is absolutely reprehensible to Pyle of List and should be to everyone out there. (AOL Fanhouse)

A step toward Chelsea-ness for Man U? (The FC 100)

The best entrances in the world outside of the WWF WWE belong to closers. Here are some suggestions. My pick “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana. (WBRS Sports Blog)


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