Posted by: Lunchbox | May 24, 2007

“Fantasy” sports? That’s the best we could do?


Let me start by saying I love playing fantasy sports. It’s great for the obvious reasons:

– As a fan, you can’t help but learn more asinine details and statitstics about your favorite sports when you play fantasy.

– It’s a fine excuse to shit talk your buddies year-round.

– With fantasy sports, every game with every team matters.

– Team names like “Manu’s Bald Spot”, “Giambi’s Butt Syringe”, and “Roger Goodell’s Gestapo”.

And those just barely scratch the surface.

My question though…why FANTASY sports? Couldn’t the powers that be come up with a better word than “fantasy”? Something that doesn’t conjure up images of unicorns posters and geeks in the basement playing D&D?

I’ve got a few slightly lame suggestions. 1) Sim-sports (Sim-Baseball, Sim-Football, etc), 2) StatBall, and the real name, 3) Legalized Sports Betting. Maybe our forefathers settled on “fantasy” because it was too hard to come up with something better. Does anyone have a more clever suggestion?

The bottom line is that we shouldn’t feel embarrassed by the name of the game when we tell people what we’re doing every day as we skim the waiver wire and manage our lineups. I don’t know about you all, but I get the occasional raised eyebrow when I mention my affinity for fantasy sports. I like to think it’s got more to do with the fact that it’s called fantasy sports than the fact that my mind is cluttered with thoughts like “Andy Pettitte’s high WHIP makes it hard to explain his low ERA” and “Is Paul Konerko slumping, or is he really having a bad year?”

As my girlfriend likes to say, “At least you’re not playing video games.”



  1. Nice stuff Lunchbox.

    How about “Industry Efficiency Drain,” “Excuses not to do work” or “Lost Productivity Ball?”

  2. And as I mentioned during our Keeper League Draft, my wife prefers video games to fantasy sports.

    I’m fairly confident most women would agree with my wife, despite the opposition from the guys in our league. I would argue that vehemently, possibly to the death.

    I smell a point/counterpoint between significant others with additional comments from all the significant others out there.

  3. As a lady, I’ve got to say that Fantasy Football can indeed be a source of frustration for me. Like when I’d like to do something on a Sunday other than watch TV all flipping day long. But I do believe I agree with Katie on the “at least it’s not video games” point. As a Trojan woman, I live and breathe USC football. So, while I may not be able to follow all of the nuances, I can deal with the idea behind fantasy football and when you guys sit and talk till the cows come home about this running back or that sprained groin muscle, I have a certain level of appreciation for it. Basketball tends to go to quickly for me to follow and I get bored watching it, and fantasy baseball just seems stupid…. but nothing irritates me like sitting on the couch watching unshaven, unshowered boys playing Warcraft or Halo or whatever other godawful configurations that you guys wet dream about. So. I agree. You fellows needn’t be ashamed with how you spend your time. Just try and take us ladies out on a Sunday night once in awhile.

  4. I got scared when I read the ‘girlfriend’ line, then I saw it wasn’t posted by Jon. Phew!

    And I will start using StatBall immediately, great idea.

  5. My fantasy baseball team was named “Smells Like Pujols” for three years before I turned it into a name for a blog feature.

    good times.

  6. And, I hate to break it to you, but in sports terms, we ARE kids in the basement playing D&D, just with sports.

  7. *How about “Industry Efficiency Drain,” “Excuses not to do work” or “Lost Productivity Ball?”*

    But then how would we differentiate it from blogging?

  8. “And, I hate to break it to you, but in sports terms, we ARE kids in the basement playing D&D, just with sports.”

    Ouch…the truth DOES hurt.

  9. I had to realize that fact when I looked around the room at my last fantasy draft. It was grim indeed.

  10. Never thought of that. I like the word ‘fantasy’ but I also like sim-sports. D&D in the basment fits pretty well. LOL! Hey you guys like fantasy sports go check out Be on the watch for some pretty interesting fantasy sports stuff.

  11. […] I just read a blog from wordpress that has me pondering this thought (for the first time in my life) of why the word […]

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