Posted by: Lunchbox | May 29, 2007

Getting Knocked Up

I would say something about the NBA playoffs, but as far as I’m concerned the season is already over. I don’t see the San Antonio train making any stops before Trophytown. (Caveat: If Lebron goes on a tear where he starts laying waste to all that stand before him, I may tune back in. I think he still needs another year or so to do that.)

Since I don’t have anything constructive to say about the NBA (and I don’t feel like being negative yet after a great three day weekend), I’m going to venture into the non-sports world today.

New York Times Magazine has a great story about, Judd Apatow, the director behind The 40 Year Old Virgin and the soon to be released Knocked Up.

I’m pretty geeked about seeing his newest movie. I’ve been a fan of Apatow’s work since his “Freaks and Geeks” was on NBC for a single, memorable season in 1999-2000. Much like my favorite current show, “The Office”, “Freaks and Geeks” made you laugh out loud and wince at the same time because the characters are put through some incredibly painful and embarrassing moments that nearly everyone can empathize with from real-life experiences. “Freaks” chronicled a group of geeky freshman and some burnout upperclassmen at a Michigan high school during the early 80’s.

Apatow was also responsible for “Undeclared”, which aired on FOX for a season as well. I still haven’t seen this one yet (but I will soon thanks to Netflix). For whatever reason, both shows were sadly not retained for second seasons. Obviously, unless you’re residing in a cave in Siberia, you should also at least somewhat familiar with The 40 Year Old Virgin. Virgin was one of those movies that made me laugh until I was in tears when I saw it in theatres. I’m expecting the same level of hilarity from Knocked Up. Both are predicated on topics of a taboo nature: Losing your virginity and what do when a one night stand results in someone getting…knocked up.

Apatow tends to use the same core of actors from one production to the next, so if you’re a fan of any regulars from “Freaks and Geeks”, “Undeclared”, or Virgin there’s a good chance they’ll have a part in Knocked Up.

Do yourself a favor and go see it when it comes out this Friday.

Judd Apatow’s Family Values [NYT Magazine]

Knocked up Trailer [Apple Trailers]




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