Posted by: Jon Pyle | May 29, 2007

LINKofvich Chumofski

Our interview this week will be with J-Money from Ladies… As a little teaser, you should check out her most recent work here. Especially if you love and/or hate the Red Sox. So pretty much all of America and Canada should click. (Ladies…)

Sure, they hate lists which probably means our Pyle of List is not a favorite, but this is an interesting one. Think of the link as an olive branch. (Loser with Socks)

My main man, Extra P. gives you a guide to the Regional hosts of the College World Series. (The Extrapolater)

You know you’ve seen her at a game and it’s annoyed you and your significant other. The question is, what is the male equivalent? (Strike Zones and End Zones)

If you like good writing, check out One More Dying Quail. Just about anything in the archive is a good read. (OMDQ)

If you were scouting bloggers, he would be someone you’d like to know about. Here’s some weekend work Shorty did for the Extrapolater, ranking great announcers. (Milk Was a Bad Choice)



  1. hahaha…you make Shorty sound so intriguing…i love it…

  2. Hmm…the male equivalent? I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

  3. How about “guy in the business suit with no interest in the game clearly sitting in company seats”?

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