Posted by: Lunchbox | May 30, 2007

Another Day, Another DUI

Yesterday it was Jerry Buss, today it’s another Los Angeles sports figure. The offender is not nearly as prominent, but it’s definitely still a problem. Who is it you ask? Find out after the jump…

Josh Pinkard, a defensive back for the USC football team, was arrested nearly 2 weeks ago for a DUI. It is only now coming to light, though. After initially being asked about the offense, Coach Pete Carroll had not heard about the situation.

Asked Tuesday afternoon if Pinkard had been arrested, Carroll at first said he was unaware of the incident but would look into the matter. Carroll said later that staff members had reached Pinkard and confirmed his arrest.

“We’re looking into it and we’ll find out the details,” said Carroll, who spoke to Pinkard on Tuesday night. “As usual, we’ll handle it internally. We take this seriously and we want to make sure we understand all of the circumstances.”

I agree with what’s being said over at Conquest Chronicles. A DUI is a serious problem. This is a situation in which the players punishment should not just be handled internally, or with punitive workouts. I love USC football, but the players need to see that there are repercussions for something like this. Sitting out games is the only effective punishment in my mind.

If it were up to me he would be looking at a suspension of at least two games, some AA meetings, and some school mandated community service during the suspended games. This would all be in addition to the aforementioned punitive workouts during the suspension period.

Now, I’ll be the first one to say that I have zero experience doling out punishments to D-I athletes. So, take my opinion with a grain of salt if you will. But I think we can all agree that pro athletes already get off easy with shenanigans that would land the regular Joe Sportsfan in the county lockup. Reinforcing the fact that problems like DUIs are not an excusable mistake have to start before the players turn pro.

USC safety Pinkard arrested [Los Angeles Times]



  1. Josh Pinkard, last seen falling down after failing to tackle Vince Young, now falling down after failing to exercise proper judgment.

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