Posted by: Lunchbox | June 4, 2007

Johnnie Morton KO’d

Johnnie Morton, who played WR for the Lions, Chiefs, and 49ers during a 12 year NFL career, got knocked out cold on Saturday by a part-time comedian. Morton was appearing in his first MMA fight ever which took place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the same place where he played football with USC. Morton lasted :38 seconds.

The article in the LA Times indicates Morton began training for the fight roughly two months ago. Two months!? I’m no expert here, but shouldn’t someone prepare a little bit longer before they go into a ring to participate in the most violent sport that is currently legal? I know he was a pro football player, but you can’t be so cocky to believe that you can just street fight your way through something like that.

The guy who knocked him out in :38 seconds was a part-time stand up comic in Japan named Bernard Ackah. Granted, this was only the second fight of Ackah’s career as well. But, Ackah actually looked like he knew what he was doing (obvious, from the restult). Morton wasn’t protecting his head and was pretty sloppy from what I can tell. (Again, I’m not a big expert on MMA.)

From what I’ve read, he had the options of being a Tiki Barber-like talk show hose, expanding his real estate business, or embarrassing himself in front of 20,000-30,000 people at his alma mater’s football stadium. I guess he wanted to try and prove himself. All he did was provide fodder for the morons who say MMA is tougher than any other sport.

In addition to the humiliation of being taken out behind the woodshed by a comedian, Morton will not be receiving his $100,000 purse because he refused to produce a urine sample, which is standard protocol, after the fight. Due to his refusal, he has also been suspended by the California State Athletic Commission. Who knew junior varsity MMA matches had stricter testing than the NFL?

(Appologies for the quality of the second photo. I had to rip it from the YouTube video because apparently there were no photographers at the fight.)

Look at that before picture. Does he look like a 6′ 190 pound wide receiver to you? He looks like an Asian-African-American Incredible Hulk. He had to be taking some sort of human-growth-hormone bull-testosterone cocktail. Sadly for him, the illegal muscles didn’t protect his glass jaw.

So, just to recap: Ex-NFL WR with 2 months of practice and 15 extra pounds of muscle gets knocked out in :38 seconds by a part-time Japanese stand up comic from the Ivory Coast, refuses his post-fight drug test, doesn’t receive his $100,000 fight money, and is suspended from fighting again.

Good job, Johnnie.

Morton doesn’t last one round [LA Times]



  1. Dammit, if Johnnie was going to take steroids, I sure wouldn’t have minded if he’d done it in KC – he played terribly while he was there.

  2. Johnnie was probably just intimidated being on the same field with the likes of Eddie Kennison. Scientifically speaking, that’s almost too much stud for one offense.

  3. Yeah, Johnnie and Eddie. Sounds pretty intimidating.

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    Happy June,


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