Posted by: Jon Pyle | June 4, 2007

Ye Olde 1st Annual SoCal NBA Finals Party!

Calling all SoCal bloggers, blog readers, friends, family members, acquaintances and anyone else that enjoys hoops or is quite lonely!

This Thursday night, your friends at Pyle of List are hosting a party downtown at the Grand Avenue Sports Bar for Game 1 of the NBA Finals. By hosting I mean getting there around the time the game starts and holding up a poorly made sign or banner notifying people of our presence.

Feel free to bring anyone you want, as this is not an exclusive event. Drop me a line via e-mail ( if you’d like more info or want to confirm your presence. I’m hoping it’ll end up looking something like this:



  1. Tell you what…if you galf ‘halfsies’ on my flight, i’ll skip my Mens Softball game in CT and hit up the bar with you guys…sound like a good deal?

  2. Sorry Shorty,
    We spent our entire budget on photoshop.

  3. I will also skip Shorty’s softball game. But I can’t be there. Which sucks.

    Have I ever told you I had the best Indian food ever while visiting a friend in L.A.? Probably not.

  4. You haven’t Extra P, but that’s not surprising. LA has to be the food capital of the US. So many quality diverse options, it’s unbelievable. The best food from every country in the world moves here at some point.

  5. You guys are dicks…bad enough JP won’t spot me for the ticket…now Eric’s not even gonna come check out my softball game? I need new internet friends…

  6. re: the video: NO FUCKING WAY…. THERE WERE WOMEN THERE!!!!

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