Posted by: Jon Pyle | June 6, 2007

#14 in Your Bracket, #1 in Your Hearts…

If for some reason you haven’t heard about the Ladies… Hot Blogger Bracket, you have now.

I managed a 14-seed in the Mid-Atlantic Conference (out of 22), which is right on par with what I deserved and an excellent spot for a Cinderella run. FYI: I am listed as The Big Lead since a piece I wrote while filling in on their site was selected as my writing sample.

Unlike the mid-majors that compete in March, my wily Senior leadership and strong inside play won’t get me into the next round. I need your votes to make it through. So, Pyle of List readers please click here and cast a vote for me. Then tell 4 friends, even if they don’t know me, to do the same. The voting closes on Saturday at about 10pm.

Beat Sportszilla!

In case you missed the subtle voting link:

Click here to vote for JP!



  1. I got your back brotha…

  2. Let the ballot stuffing begin!

  3. Voted…

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