Posted by: Lunchbox | June 6, 2007

Bron Bron Better Put Bowen in His Place

It’s become cliché at this point to call Bruce Bowen a dirty player. He’ll be assigned the unenviable responsibility of defending Lebron during the NBA finals. I am not going to make any attempt at unbiased writing here…I loathe Bowen. He’s a whiner, a part-time cheater, and a dirty player. He has been caught, on occasions too numerous for them to all be coincidences, planting his feet beneath an opponent in the middle of their jump shot so they land awkwardly and often twist their ankles. He grabs jerseys and kicks people in the face.

I want Lebron to teabag Bowen during one of those one-handed tomahawk dunks that he does so well. I want him to rise above the inevitable bickering match that Bowen will try to instigate.  I want him to drain threes with Bowen clinging to him.  Basically, I want Lebron to make his game 5 performance from the East Finals look pedestrian and negate Bowen’s “defense” in the process.

I know I wrote recently that I was over the NBA Playoffs.  Well, my caveat for caring about the playoffs has been satisfied.  Lebron is on a tear and I want to be witness to history.  I just got my ticket for the Cleveland bandwagon.  I’m on board.  Go Cavs!

Bruce Bowen: YouTube Greatest Hits []



  1. Agreed. I’m sure David Stern’s stoked with the match-up, when he was faced with Spurs v Detroit…

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  3. I hope Stern chokes to death on Duncan’s cock.

  4. […] I’m still waiting for Lebron to teabag Bowen. […]

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