Posted by: Jon Pyle | June 7, 2007

A Guide to Recognizing Your Bloggers: Metschick

Meet the Metschick, meet the Metschick,

Step right up and greet the Metschick!

In the days before the Hot Blogger Bracket (or BHB as it will be known on the interwebs from this point forward), we had an opportunity to bounce a few questions off Metschick from Ladies… Luckily she threw answers right back and was able to avoid injury.

Prepare a customized list that you’d like to share with the world.

1.      Carlos Beltran

2.      the complete Harry Potter collection

3.      ice cream

4.      my laptop

5.      spoon

That’s what I’d bring me if I were sent to a deserted island.  Oh, and I guess I’d have to bring Baby Metschick, right? 

Propose a fight for Fracas Friday.

Mr. Met vs. the Philly Phanatic.   I love mascots, and those two right there are iconic.

3 best games you’ve ever watched (in person or on TV).

3. Louisville v. Rutgers (Nov. 2006) – it was the perfect game for the Scarlet Knights, beating a rival on national TV at the very end of the game.   Pandemonium in Piscataway, indeed.

2.  Red Sox v. Yankees, Game 7 (Oct. 2004) – even though I’m not a red sox fan, when they recorded that final out and “At Last” played over the broadcast, I burst into tears.   My husband was a Red Sox fan and his joy at beating the hated Yankees was palpable.  And my joy at hearing the Yankee callers on WFAN the next day was indescribable.

1. Braves v. Mets, Sept. 21, 2001 – this was the first game after 9/11, and it’s still the best game I’ve ever been to.   From the minute we got there, we felt the buzz and electricity in the air.  And when Piazza hit the go-ahead HR in the 8th inning?   Forget it, the place just exploded with emotion.  It was definitely more than just a game: it was a statement.  

 What 4 celebrities or athletes do you want in your posse?

Jose Reyes, definitely.  He seems like he’d be tremendous fun to hang out with.  Manny Ramirez, even though I fear we’d lose him before the end of the night.

Gilbert Arenas.  Holy mother of God, his mind amazes me and frightens me at the same time.

Carlos Beltran, so I can ply him with liquor and seduce him. 

What teams do you follow? Sports?

I like this team, the Mets – you never would’ve guessed it, though.

I’m a Scarlet Knight. (RU RAH RAH!)

And I keep an eye on the Jets and the Nets.

I follow MLB very closely.  All other sports, I try to keep up on the goings-on.

 Give me your picks for the World Series, Super Bowl, and BCS Championship too. This will be recorded and referred to when the time comes, so you better be right…

World Series: Mets

Super Bowl: Patriots

BCS Championship: Scarlet Knights (I’m allowed to dream!)

On the scale of riot to global apocalypse, what happens to Jersey if Rutgers wins the BCS Championship?

While we don’t have the couch-burning prowess of a tOSU or another such powerhouse, I think the college kids at New Brunswick and Piscataway would catch on quickly.  There would be overturned cars and a blaze of burning couches as never seen before!

Seriously though, I think the state would go nuts.  After win at the Texas Bowl, the state was delirious with joy.  I think the state senate even gave some sort of recognition to Coach Schiano and the team.  Even NYC joined the fun last season with the Empire State Building going red.  There’s really no big football program around here, so if the Scarlet Knights ever manage some consistency in winning, this area would be swathed in scarlet.  Scarlet Knight country, indeed.

Why do you blog?

Those who can, do.   Those who can’t, blog.  I wish I could play a sport, any sport, but I just barely stay upright.  I am one of the clumsiest people ever.  

What do you want your blog to be known for? What do you personally want to be known for?

I want our blog to be the go-to place where ogling of hot athletes is permitted, nay, required, while also bringing the funny.   Which I think we do.  I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done in the past three months, and hope our little blog has a long life.

Let’s be real, you Ladies… are blowing up! What did it feel like to have your post and your picture on the WordPress home page?

Seeing my picture there was kind of amazing.  It’s awesome to bring attention to our blog, and if things like A-Rod cheating (allegedly) get it done, fine by me.

It’s also great to see our original pieces getting positive reaction – Jelissa’s “How to Make Love to a Red Sox fan” has been linked to a ridonkulous amount of times.  I love seeing Ladies… get more exposure.  And I know even better things await.

Do you want to do this for a living?

I’d rather win the lottery.  What, winning the lottery isn’t an option?  But blogging sure beats writing briefs and arguing motions.

Thoughts on the present and the future for the blogosphere. How does it fit with the mainstream media?

I think the blogosphere is just going to continue to grow.   It’s interesting reading the fan’s perspective on your team.  My favorite blog, Faith And Fear in Flushing, is my go-to spot after a Mets game.   Sure I still browse the mainstream media, but I love being able to comment with fellow fans, and getting a well-written account of your team’s game.  

In that regard, I think it’s a perfect complement to the mainstream media.   They get the access, while blogs provide the fan’s passionate analysis.

What are the origins of Ladies…? How did you get together and start the site?

I remember a discussion one night on Deadspin about how the guys get to ogle all kinds of girls, and we get… Lasorda.   So we decided to start the site not only as our outlet to admire all the hottie athletes, but to give our perspective on sports.


Tell me something interesting/funny/thoughtful about each of your colleagues at Ladies…

Holly is our Lady… Supreme.

TSW is our Hollywood connection.

SA is our mysterious Lady…

J-Money is our resident comedienne with the rock-hard abs.

Texy is the Southern belle with the honey voice and excellent baseball pics.

Clare is my comrade in baseball – see ya on June 30th!  And Go Mets!

Andie’s my ride or die chick.

I’ve already ruined the image of many male bloggers that assume you all live in a sorority house together, so what is it like to run a blog with multiple contributors that aren’t in the same place?

With the internet, it’s incredibly easy.  I’ve actually never even spoken on the phone with any of these women!   We schedule AIM chats regularly to throw around new ideas, discuss ongoing projects, and other random house-keeping tasks.  We also email each other all day long, and I’ve come to enjoy these email threads.   We even shared our prom/homecoming pictures the other day!

However, next month I’ll be meeting with Lady Andrea and J-Money at the East Coast Pants Party, and the following week, Clare and I are catching some Mets/Phillies action down in Philadelphia.  Looking forward to it.


  1. Yes, Mets and I will be able to shit-talk each other in person later this month. I can’t wait!

  2. Oh, and yes, Mr. Met vs. the Phanatic would be a knock-down drag-out brawl for the ages.

  3. Man. I want to go to that game. I’d sit four rows away and just observe, because my interaction would change the dynamic.

  4. Wouldn’t you know it, right after I submitted this, I spoke to TSW, Holly and J-Money on the phone! It was the second night of the Great Hollywood Hot Blogger Bracket Brouhaha.

  5. Did you get that weird, floating-above-your-body sensation like I did when I saw Awful Announcing on The Blog Show?

  6. Are all Mets fans Seinfeld fans too?

  7. No.

    God, no.

    I do like that Seinfeld is a Mets fan. But I’ll take this Mets fan any day of the week.

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