Posted by: Jon Pyle | June 7, 2007

St. Peter’s Sports Book: The NBA Finals

Now that the NHL Playoffs are over, (at least I’ve been told they were… I was watching “The Perfect Weapon” on Versus), all attention in the blogosphere shifts to the NBA until the start of summer. With Game 1 set for Thursday, we could carry the heavy load and leave you with only our wise analysis of the series (for a good start check out this from Lunchbox). But what fun would that be? So, we reached through the tubes of Al Gore’s internet and solicited help from some of our favorite bloggers to give you their predictions and break it down.

Will Leitch, Deadspin: I’m going Spurs in five. That sounds reasonable.

Shorty, Milk Was a Bad Choice: my pick for the series is Spurs in 5.

Zach, The Big Picture: Spurs in 4.

Extra P, The Extrapolater: Cavaliers in 3.

You heard me. Cavaliers in 3. LeBron’s divinity will be proven by this miracle, and yet thrice will the media deny him before the cock crows. LeBron don’t need no stinkin’ game four. He will be slayin’ all suckas until Tim lays his sword at Bron-Bron’s feet in submission, rather than suffer the inevitable game four humiliation at the hands of the King.

Lebron: The Best 22-Year Old Ever [The Extrapolator]

The Big Lead: Cavaliers in six for two reasons:
1) Because Damon Jones is so damn clutch.
2) Jordan finally got past the Pistons in 1990, then beat the Lakers; LeBron finally got past the Pistons, and he’ll win his first title.

Jack Cobra, The Cobra Brigade: Spurs in 5.

Lebron James…Meet Tim Duncan [The Cobra Brigade]

Jamie Mottram, FanHouse/Blog Show/Mr. Irrelevent: Spurs in 5, because Bruce Bowen knows karate.

Metschick, Ladies…: What I want: Cavs in 7, What will happen: Spurs in 5

Lady Andrea, Ladies…: I am predicting Cavs in 6. I think they’ll win their 3 home games and they’ll steal one from the Spurs. Their momentum coming off the 2-game deficit only to rattle off 4 straight wins is going to carry through to the finals.

NBA Thunderdome [Ladies…]

Dan Steinberg, Washington Post Sports Bog/Blog Show: The Spurs win in 5. I think it would be a sweep, except David Stern don’t play like that, so he’ll give the Cavs game 3. The over-under on whiny Tim Duncan scowls is about 11 (two per win, three per loss). I’m especially looking forward to any collisions between Varejao and Manu… it’ll make you think a grenade went off in between their sneakers.

SportsGirl365, Strike Zones and End Zones:  

My pick? Cavs in 6. Why? Because I’m a rebel like that. And if I’ve
learned anything from Shanoff, it’s that picking the underdog in 4
is just a bad idea. And because Simmons picked the Spurs and I’d love
nothing more than to see him be wrong. Again. Oh, and because Eva
Longoria annoys me. Anything else? Oh right, you want logistic sports
reasoning. Ok. Because while LeBron is definitely the standout star,
there are too many other factors to consider. Ilgauskas and Gooden
can’t be counted out and the Duncan/Bowen defense will cause problems
for the Spurs. The Cavs aren’t the most glamorous team, but they play
their strengths well.

JP, Pyle of List: Spurs in 7. I need this, you need this, the NBA needs this, the world needs this. As soon as the NBA goes away, it’s just mid-season baseball until August.

Lunchbox, Pyle of List: (Cue the Darth Vader theme song) Spurs in 5. The Spurs are the evil empire. They cannot be stopped by one player. Get excited for all the shoving, grab-assing, and incredulous reactions we’ve come to expect from Saint Anthony’s Spurs.



  1. Crap, I suck. I forgot to write you back with the pick. Oh well. Spurs in 6.

  2. Hey JP…my breakdown of the series is now posted…

  3. MetsChick…I couldn’t agree more with your picks…

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  5. I also picked the Spurs in 6…

  6. Great minds, Simonsports…

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  8. Um…

    I’d like to respectfully request a Mulligan.

    Spurs in 4.

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