Posted by: Lunchbox | June 8, 2007

Shallow Thoughts on Casual Friday vol. III

Last night The Pyle of List and the List groupies went out to watch Game 1 of the NBA finals at a local watering hole. After consuming a lion’s share of chicken strips, nachos and Angel City Ale (which I can best describe as a less bitter version of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale) these are the thoughts I came away with:

  1. Did Mike Brown really think that the Spurs weren’t going to have a solution to the style of play the Cavs exhibited in the Eastern Finals? As a professional coach, shouldn’t he have some contingency plans set up already in order to counter what the Spurs were going to throw at his team? JP remarked to me that he looked like a high school JV coach. I couldn’t agree more.
  2. The Flagrant 1 drawn on Drew Gooden by Ginobli should get him nominated for an Argentine Emmy this year. Was it a foul? Yes. Was it flagrant? Of course not. Now, did the call determine the outcome of the game? No, that was determined by the better team. JP can attest that I stopped mid-sentence when I saw Ginobili catapulting himself towards the baseline after the contact. We both cracked up when we watched the replay. Manu is ridiculous.
  3. French fries dipped in ranch dressing have tremendous upside potential.
  4. I’m still waiting for Lebron to teabag Bowen.
  5. College football season cannot come too soon.

Have a good weekend blogland. We’ll see what happens with the next game over the weekend, but right now my pick is looking solid.



  1. We really did have a good time. The random public access television really helped a dull game though.

    As for Manu, what can be said? The only reaction better than his, was yours with a look of disgust and incredulousness. I wish I could’ve taken a picture of your face. Priceless.

  2. I so hope someone lays something on Bowen (cannot STAND Bowen). Lebron IS a good choice… he’s a one big dude.

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