Posted by: Lunchbox | June 11, 2007

Weekend Recap

Since we don’t usually post over the weekend here at the List, I thought I’d do a quick rundown of the some of the notable events from the last few days. Feel free to let me know if I forgot anything…

Chad Johnson Horse Race

Never known to turn down a challenge, Chad Johnson agreed to a foot race for charity against a four-legged opponent. At River Downs Johnson was matched up against a thoroughbred by the name of Restore the Roar. However, Johnson was granted a 100-meter head start. So basically, he ran a 100 meter dash (on turf) faster than the horse ran 200 meters. Upon beating Restore the Roar, Johnson, of quick feet and and even quicker mouth, immediately called out other athletes to compete against. Now Ocho Cinco wants to fight Floyd Mayweather, play Kobe and Lebron one-on-one, and race Jeff Gordon. These are the kind of events I’d like to see televised as opposed to the MLB draft.

Chad Johnson beats horse in race [USA Today]

San Antonio 2 – America 0

Last night the Spurs continued their march to the NBA Championship. San Antonio established a 25 point halftime lead, and lead by 27 going into the fourth quarter. The comfy lead let the victors weather a 22-4 run by the Lebrons in the final quarter and still walk away with a 103-92 victory. Meanwhile, the Cleveland organization has figured out a completely revolutionary way for their fans to watch their team lose. Away fans watched their team lay an egg in 3-D at the Q.

(Photo credit: Scott Shaw/Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Ted Lilly ejected

The series between the Braves and the Cubs got a little ugly over the weekend. Alfonso Soriano was plunked with a pitch by Tim Hudson on Saturday, possibly because the left fielder legged a single into a double during a rout of the Braves the night before. Then, on Sunday, Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly (who happens to be on my fantasy team) hit Braves shortstop Edgar Renteria in the first inning. Lilly was tossed from the game after 2/3 of an inning. The F-bomb emitted from my apartment could be heard blocks away. In related news, I lost in my H2H league this week 1-11. Eff.

Rocket Launch

Some guy named Roger Clemens suspended his AARP benefits and pitched for the Yankees on Saturday against the always formidable Pittsburgh Pirates. There was such a big media hoopla, you would have thought it was a marquee match-up between two division leaders. Instead it was an interleague contest between two sub .500 teams. Clemens was victorious in his appearance, which only cost they Yankees about $1 million. Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are paying James Shields almost $400,000 for the entire season. Shields pitches in the same division as Clemens and has a 6-0 record with an ERA just above. 3.00. Who needs good young players when you’ve got bajillions of dollars to spend, right?

Nugget Tased

Denver Nuggets forward DerMarr Johnson was arrested on Saturday outside the Purple Martini nightclub in Greenwood Village, CO after he and two women were involved in a disturbance. Police used a taser to subdue a belligerent Johnson. Unless you went to the University of Cincinnati in 1999 or are a big Nuggets fan, you probably don’t know who this guy is. I’m only mentioning it because there seems to be a lot of trouble for athletes to get into around Denver. Off the top of my head, the list includes Joey Porter getting shot in the ass a few years back, the Broncos CB getting fatally shot in a drive-by shooting right after their season ended last year, and DerMarr “I don’t play for the Long Beach Jam anymore” Johnson getting tased. What’s going on in Denver?

Nuggets forward Johnson arrested [Denver Post]



  1. They should release a book called “Things to do in Denver when You’re Black: A pro athlete’s guide to the city” or something. That would make everyone’s life a little easier.

  2. I think Kobe got in a little trouble in CO too, if I remember correctly…

  3. How in the HELL did I forget Kobe? I am ashamed. Completely and utterly ashamed.

  4. While we’re at it, we shouldn’t forget the backup punter from the University of Northern Colorado that stabbed the starting punter in the leg. That’s what you get from a blog…little to no research. Blast!

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