Posted by: Jon Pyle | June 13, 2007

LINKofvich Chumofski


Brought to you today by Justin Verlander  

We love lists, especially those of the irreverant variety. Sports Gone South takes on the wives and girlfriends of athletes in the Top 10 format, but just the crazy ones. They also give us a sequel. (Sports Gone South)

One More Dying Quail puts together a 2007 College World Series Alumni Team and somehow manages to include UC Irvine. (OMDQ)

Football 365 gives us 40 signs it’s Summer in the football soccer world. I wish they weren’t so dead on regarding Newcastle. (Football 365)

Shanoff being Shanoff. If that’s a quickie, then he must have been hanging out with Sting for awhile. But, he shares with us the new EIC at via a quoted source. (Dan Shanoff)

My favorite take on the Elijah Dukes-pregnant 17 year old foster child situation from Deuce of Davenport. I counted at least 3 laugh out loud lines in this one, excluding title. Check out even more brilliance with this story. (Deuce of Davenport)


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