Posted by: shorty1321 | June 18, 2007

Who in the Hell is Shorty?

Good Morning boys and girls. My name is Shorty and I’ll be your substitute blogger for the day. Some of you may recognize me from my work as creator of Milk Was a Bad Choice and part time contributor at The Extrapolater.

The more I think about this guest blogging phenomena the more I think that it’s actually closer to house sitting than substitute teaching. Alot of trust goes into letting someone post their thoughts and opinions on your site. I mean, when JP emailed me saying that I had full reign today, it was like having the keys to his home, his car and his refrigerator. So that said, I’ll be lounging here on Lunchbox’s sofa for the majority of the day posting whenever I feel like it, and about whatever I feel like. Before we get the ball rolling, here’s a few random thoughts and background about Shorty…
*As much as I love the Yankees, I’ll be the first to admit that ESPN’s ‘Bronx is Burning’ stands no chance of being any good…

*I was thoroughly disappointed in Tiger’s failure to overtake Manu Ginobli’s chain smoking cousin yesterday down the stretch…

* Mike & Mike in the Morning is the worst sports radio program in America…

* Mike & the Mad-Dog is the best sports radio program in America….

* Over on Bad Choice Milk, it’s all Wu Tang all week if that’s something that interests you…Are the San Antonio Spurs a Dynasty? Shorty’s take is coming later today. Stay Tuned…




  1. Fun, huh?

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