Posted by: shorty1321 | June 18, 2007

Spurs? Dynasty? Not Quite…

What constitutes a Dynasty? There has been plenty of debate over this topic since the San Antonio Spurs captured their fourth title in eight years last week against the hapless Cleveland Cavaliers. Are the Spurs now an official Dynasty? My answer, in very basic terms is absolutely not. While Tim Duncan and company deserve all the accolades they are receiving at the moment, please do not refer to the Spurs as a Dynasty.

The following is my protocol for what prerequisites need to be achieved before a team even garners consideration for Dynasty status…

1. Consecutive Titles – The first rule is indeed the most important. You have to have won back-2-back titles at some point during your run of greatness. The word Dynasty is defined as a succession of greatness. The Spurs have been very good over a very long period of time, but because they have never won consecutive championships, the succession was broken and therefore, so are their dreams of a Dynasty.

2. At Least Three Championships – Once said team has accomplished the consecutive titles, they need to win at least one more title over the next two seasons. This doesn’t not need to be a Three-Peat, but cannot come three years later. I know what you’re thinking. “What about the Chicago Bulls?” The Bulls won three in a row, then took two years off and won three more in a row. Because the Bulls won three consecutive, the two year hiatus does not negatively affect their Dynasty status. It’s almost as if Jordan and Pippen put together two separate Dynasty’s, but due to the fact that the core of the team is the same, we just lump the two together and have one super-dynasty. In other words, it’s okay to take a year off as long as you come back strong and win another title the following season. You can even fail to finish at the top for two years in a row if you can win consecutive championships the following years.

3. You Must Win the ‘Big One’ – I do not consider the Atlanta Braves or the Buffalo Bills as dynastys and neither should you. Both of these teams enjoyed tremendous success in their respective conferences over a long term basis in the 1990’s. But neither the Bills nor the Braves could ever seem to win the World Championship in their sports. The Braves went to four World Series in five seasons, winning only once, while the Bills were winless in four consecutive SuperBowls. Being the best in your conference is a tremendous accomplishment, but does nothing for a team’s Dynasty status.

In closing, if San Antonio can lock up another title next season, they certainly immediately become a Dynasty, but until that happens they’re just a really good team that happens to have won a few titles over the last ten years…




  1. I agree Shorty… and having a team win 3-in-a-row in the middle of your ‘run’ doesn’t really add much, huh?

  2. #1 determines all. You can’t be a dynasty without a repeat.

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