Posted by: Jon Pyle | June 20, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

In my attempt to learn more about baseball this summer, I will profile a team once in awhile and determine their potential likeability using an arbitrary criteria. Think of it as an adult book report. Feel free to chime in with your questions or comments and support your favorite teams.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

AL West, 45-27

Pros: Jim Abbott, The Naked Gun, Vlad Guerrero (who needs batting gloves anyway?), their stadium.

Cons: The name, the rally monkey, their fans, the potential commute to Orange County, the name, Bartolo Colon’s hair, lack of history, Rex Hudler and their announcing crew, the way Chone Figgins spells his name, Orange County in general, their stadium, did I mention the name?

Current jersey: Vlad without a doubt.

Throwback jersey: Jim Abbott

Hat factor: 3 out of 10. Lots of options but they’ve got a bad logo.

Fat Guy quotient: Bartolo Colon is the most recognizable fat guy on the team. He sorely lacks in fat guy awesomeness though.

Summary: When they won the World Series in 2002, they became Southern California’s trendiest team and people still haven’t fallen off the bandwagon. Their stadium offers awesome amenities and zero history: it’s both everything right and everything wrong with modern ball parks. I want to vomit everytime I write their name when I remember the State government actually spent time litigating on the issue. They’re the perfect representative of Orange County: they look pretty good from the outside but sorely lack substance or personality.

Overall likeability: None. I could never be an Angels fan.



  1. Okay, so the way Chone Figgins pronounces his name is a con, but being able to pronounce it the way it is actual spelled for fun is definitely a pro.

    People have been trying to name an AGO pledge “ChoneFiggins” for years.

  2. Wow…That is an awesome idea…can’t wait to see the next breakdown…

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  5. That pretty much encapsulates why I couldn’t root for the Angels either.

    Unless they’re playing the Dodgers.

  6. They still have the stink of Disney all over them. That alone is reason to never root for them.

  7. […] JP tries to find a worthy baseball team to follow, I too am coming to grips with the lazy sports days of summer. So, bear with me on my bit […]

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