Posted by: Jon Pyle | June 28, 2007

A Cry for Help!

I’m located in Southern California and the only two people I’ve heard about in two solid weeks are Paris Hilton and Kobe Bryant. In fact, those two are actually the only stories I’ve heard about, period. At this point, even the weather has to connect to one of the two or it’s not getting on the air. I knew that news in LA was bad, but it’s gone overboard.

We’ve said our piece about Kobe here in several posts, including a personal interaction with Lunchbox that proved him to be a cheap douchebag. Feel free to go back and read them because the likelihood of any more Kobe-related posts are minimal, unless of course something actually happens. And I’m not wasting anymore than a sentence on Paris Hilton.

Now I know why it’s hard for me to become a baseball fan. The Dodgers and Angels are both having good years, but nobody is talking about it. The Angels have the best record in baseball for crying out loud. In fact, the coverage of baseball is so minimal that a reporter joked that trading or releasing Shea Hillenbrand would open up a roster spot to sign Kobe.

So, please forgive me if we’re not of sound mind around here right now. Hopefully this will all go away sometime soon (maybe even with the draft tonight) and we’ll be back to normal: watching car chases on every major network that pre-empt all programming.



  1. Of course as soon as I post this tirade, the format of the site screws up. Just great.

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