Posted by: Lunchbox | June 28, 2007

Who are we supposed to believe?

Is ESPN lying to us? Or did someone just let the cat out of the bag too soon? The Oregonian is reporting nothing has been agreed upon yet. Portland GM Kevin Pritchard is saying, “Nobody has been promised or told anything. Nobody.”  Perhaps Pritchard is playing a game here to confuse the Sonics.  I’d love it if this was all because the Blazers GM is trying to psyche out the new Sonics GM, Sam Presti.

This is just like when the Texans agreed to a contract with Mario Williams the day before the 2006 NFL draft. (Which came back to bite them in the ass.) Why does ESPN have to ruin the suspense? Is nothing sacred anymore? I know it was pretty much a forgone conclusion that Oden would be the top pick, but where’s the fun in this?


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