Posted by: Jon Pyle | July 9, 2007

A Guide to Recognizing Your Bloggers: Big Daddy Drew

As we continue to branch out into the blogosphere with AGtRYB, I was fortunate enough to interview Big Daddy Drew from Kissing Suzy Kolber. If you aren’t familiar with KSK (I can’t imagine someone reading us and not them), head over there right away and start perusing. BDD answers a few questions about sports, KSK, and humble comedic roots.

What teams do you follow? Sports?

The Vikings, mainly.  I’m a casual fan of everything else.  I used to
be a big Michigan football fan, but that faded over the years for
whatever reason.  I still like watching college ball though.

What is your greatest athletic achievement?

I got a hole in one which no one saw.  There wasn’t even another
person visible on the course.  I ran to the clubhouse to tell the golf
pro, but he told me I was shit out of luck since no saw it.  Fuck him.

Why do you blog?

For fun.  If it weren’t fun, I wouldn’t touch it.

Do you want to do this for a living?

If someone wanted to pay me $100,000 a year to make fart jokes, I
wouldn’t complain.

What do you want KSK to be known for?

If we’re known for anything other than cheap, puerile “humor”, then
something has gone horribly wrong.

Describe the creative process for KSK. How are decisions made regarding the content on the site?

We shoot around 50 to 100 emails to each other during the day.  It’s
the same as a conversation between friends, and sometimes an idea will pop out of that.  Otherwise, everyone generates posts on their own.

Thoughts on the present and the future for the blogosphere. How does it fit with the mainstream media?

It supplements it.  You get actual news and what not from ESPN and
beat writers.  Then you hit the blogs for fun conversations about
whatever’s going on.  If it replaces anything in the MSM, it’ll be the
Mariottis of the world.

Any suggestions for a future interview?

Get Ufford and tease him about his complexion.  He ADORES it.

What piece of writing from your blog are you most proud of? Which is the most popular that you wrote?

The most popular one was the original Grossman post, which I wrote in 10 minutes because we had nothing else that day.  My favorite post was the original TMQ parody.

Word on the street is KSK formed from the bowels of Deadspin comments. How did you find Deadspin?

I think through the big SI article about it.  I honestly can’t
remember.  But I can honestly say that Deadspin is the most important thing to happen to sports coverage since Olbermann and Patrick first started on SportsCenter.  It changes everything.

Where did the idea for the Michael Vick piece come from?

The Vick “character” is based on Floyd from “True Romance”.  After the airport bottle thing, I just pictured him as a big stoner.
Revolutionary, I know.

You’ve become a bit of a legend among bloggers. Rob Iracane even claims you juice as a commenter. In other words, you’re very funny. Where does your sense of humor come from?

Whether or not I’m actually funny is clearly up for debate.  All I can
tell you is that I’ve been into comedy forever.  I did standup when I
was in 8th Grade.  I’ve pretty much absorbed all the funny shit I
possibly can: Python, old Richard Pryor tapes, Simpsons, Colbert, Sam
Kinison, John Landis movies, Top Secret!  Anything I do pretty much
rips off all those influences.

Did you write before Father Knows Shit? How did that blog come to pass?

I write ads for a living, so I’ve always written.  I started FKS
because I had a shitload of standup material and no place to put it.
And I was a terrible comic.  This medium seemed to suit me quite well.



  1. This is the sexiest AGtRYB I’ve ever seen.

    Drew’s so dreamy.

  2. Nice. This interview actually prompted me to go over to KSK… & now I have added them to my blogroll. Great stuff yet again JP…

  3. Well done, JP.

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  5. I heard he poops on towels.

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