Posted by: Jon Pyle | July 11, 2007

Links, Lists and Beyond


Burnsy puts together the WWE’s next PPV. Apparently it’s live from Heaven but Jacob vs. God still didn’t make the card. (Blumpkins for All)

If I sat around for a fortnight and thought about the next thing Brades would pop up in, I couldn’t have thought of anything better than this. (FanHouse)

Michael Litos is guest posting at The Extrapolater. College Hoops = Fantastico! (The Extrapolater)

I racked my brain but I couldn’t think of a more memorable moment for US Soccer. (Our Book of Scrap)

Personal ads from SEC coaches. I actually didn’t see any room in Nick Saban’s schedule for this. Perhaps he flew around the world like Superman to turn back time. Would any lady trust any of these guys?(Loser with Socks)

This new blog is described as place for all people that like dick jokes and hockey. Isn’t that an oxymoron? (Melt Your Face-Off)

Jack Cobra interviews one The 50 Most Influential People in the World of Sports, Carlos Gomez. (Cobra Brigade)

Top 4 College Band Songs I never want to hear again:

1a. “Hail to the Victors”- Michigan: It’s the Michigan Offense of songs.

1b. “The Fight Song”- Notre Dame: Thank God we’ll only hear it a few times this year.

3. “Imperial March” – Anyone: Strikes fear in the hearts of The University of Tatooine every single time.

4. “Rocky Top”- UT: The Vols need to stop suckling at the ample teet (and nasily voice) of Ricky Skaggs and play something else.

Speaking of annoying music, on my drive home today I was listening to the radio because I forgot the ol’ Ipod. Since the sports talk stations both went to break at the same time, I had to actually switch over to FM and try to find something decent. I ran smack dab into some Akon song, or “Nickelblack” as I’m starting to call him, much to my chagrin. We really need to unite our efforts and do something about this. Nickelblack must be stopped!



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  2. Ha! If you had grown up in Big 12 country, “Boomer Sooner” would be on that list for sure. That and “Oklahoma” are the only songs the Sooner Band can play.

  3. I’ve been saying the same thing for months. Nickelback must be stopped at any cost. They are a scourge on our country. Bob Probert was banned. We can ban Nickelback.

    Nickelblack…I like that but I hate him.

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