Posted by: Jon Pyle | July 17, 2007

My (Brief) Brush with Greatness

My favorite Sports Radio show is PMS on AM 570. Anytime I’m in my car from 4-7 you can bet I’m listening to Matt “Money” Smith and Petros Papadakis. I even download their podcasts here (under PMS), I assure you it’s worth a listen even if you’re not living in So Cal.

Either way, Petros and Money were kind of enough to do an interview with me via e-mail. Here’s my brief interview with Matt “Money” Smith:

How did you guys wind up doing a show together? 

I put P on the ROQ to talk USC football, and we kept in touch from there on out.  

Please share something interesting about Petros that we may not know. 

He’s got a giant Pat the Bunny Mural on his Wall

Give us an idea of what your day looks like when you’re doing the show. How do you prepare?  

Lots of prep. Some days/weeks in advance for the features. watch the games, go to the games, read about the games, and keep up on everything in the world, from Politics to Pop culture.

You guys get some great interviews on your show. Who are your favorite people to talk to? 

Old guys and wide eyed kids. Not even close…..

In that same vein, are there people you’re still starstruck by? 

I think the presidential candidates are pretty cool.  

There are a few standard questions we ask everyone we interview and we’ve gotten some great answers (no pressure): What is your greatest athletic achievement? What are the three best sporting events you’ve ever seen live or in person? Would you be so kind to create a personalized Top-5 list.

Bulls Championship, Kobe 81, SC-Texas Rose Bowl-A Cubs comeback in the 15th with a Geroge Bell Grand Slam to win it against the Sox, Pats/Rams Super Bowl

What advice can you give anyone out there trying to break into sports media? 

Intern when you’re in college, people will let you in the door if you’ll work for free.

Where do you see the future of mainstream sports media in the next 5 years? How will blogs play a part in that? 

Instant information, all about the internet/radio/TV 

Where did the nickname Money come from? 

gambling habit, given to me by Jimmy (Kimmel)

You have one of the most unbiased views of the Lakers in LA (besides Vic the Brick, of course…). How does that affect your interactions with the team and Lakers employees? 

I’m never malicious, don’t take shots, so they’re fine with me keeping it level.

I think you’re probably the coolest music guy I know of in the sports world. Any suggestions for a guy that barely gets beyond what’s on the radio?  

Check out they’ll get you started. Some of my favorite things right now include All Smiles, !!!, Rodrigo y Gabriela



  1. They sound like good guys. And like you, I barely listen to anything not on the radio. I have horrible taste in music. I’m going to have to check out that site.

    Good interview JP.

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