Posted by: Jon Pyle | July 18, 2007

A Guide to Recognizing Your Bloggers: Nation of Islam Sports Blog

Nobody in Blogfrica has more heat, to borrow a term from pro wrestling, than the Nation of Islam Sports Blog. They have a very unique perspective that sets them apart from the majority of bloggers. It was a difficult task getting them to agree to an interview but I managed it somehow. I think being half black helped.  

Propose a fight for Fracas Friday.

Righteousness v. Coach K and his cult of basketball dribbling infidels.

What teams do you follow? Sports?

We support the righteous legion in Carolina Blue. 

We closely follow college football and hoops.  And of course the NFL.  Most other sports provide a diversion along the path to enlightenment, and fodder for our blog.

What is your greatest athletic achievement?

Playing college football.  Well, actually, there was no achievement as “playing” would mean actually getting on the field.  Is wearing a uniform and standing on the sidelines an “achievement”? 

Why do you blog?

We identified a void in the vast expanses of blogfrica.  Many sports blogs claim to offer an alternative and un-agenda’d view of sports.  But they simply relay information from the big .com’s, with a little of their own opinion in the mix.  Our vocation is not just relaying information, but locating the motives and the truths as sports relates to existance.

In other words, our calling to blog is profoundly more noble than dick jokes and photos of women bursting out of bras and wearing thongs.  Thongs tightly wedged between the round, succulent orbs that, one would imagine when they dance, bounce and roll in rhythmic undulance to a primitive beat as they send off an erotic vibe that stirs the inner most instincts of……yes, um, gratuitous photos to attract the simple minded readers.  We are above those seductive and fleshy tactics to draw a readership.

What are the origins of your blog?

Quite honestly, we initially started off with your typical sports blog.  And, while we did gain a bit of a following through frequent linkage from TBL and deadspin; we realized that our take on sports had been skewered by a desire to be mainstream.  We realized that the first step in righteousness in blogging is to be true to oneself.  Hence, we now shed darkness onto light and have contributed what many would call the most socially relevent sports blog in existance. 

What do you want your blog to be known for? What do you personally want to be known for?

It’s not what we want our blog to be known for, but what our blog is known for.  The masses flock to our teachings to find reasonable, unbiased and correct interpretation of the important events in sports.  They come away with a better understanding of themselves, and in turn, the world around them.  Our mission is to introduce you to yourself, so that you might be a better citizen and neighbor when you are introduced to others.

Personally, we have no ambition to be known.  Our reward and recognition will be delivered in the next life.

 Do you want to do this for a living?

Teaching righteousness is an existance.  The notion of making a living “blogging” is a symptom of a lazy intellect.  To sit typing away and scouring the net for material is not living.  We pity those like Will Leitch that are enslaved and beholden to such a role.  We pray for his “freedom” at every prayer session.

Thoughts on the present and the future for the blogosphere. How does it fit with the mainstream media?

Sir, we presume you occassionally, at least, read our blog. Therefore, we request that in deference to the original bloggers that you refer to the amalgamation of blogging as blogfrica.

Now, blogs are becoming part of the mainstream media.  Of course, as with any “social” change, there is friction.  But culture is fluid and ever changing.  Therefore, blogs will eventually become on par as an accepted mainstream endeavor.  Good blogs.  As with any other medium, there is a self correcting mechanism that weeds out the ineffectual and irrelevent.

For a long time, the mainstream has belittled and ignored blogfrica.  But that is rapidly changing.  For instance, and I hate to bring his name up again, Will Leitch of deadspin was recently on ESPN radio.  Up to now, such an appearance was unheard of.

In the same light, NOIS was recently invited to be on a show on  Obviously, that isn’t as huge as ESPN, but the notion that a blog like ours would be recognized by an outlet of The Sporting News is obviously indicative of a change in thought by the mainstream in relation to blogs.

How do you maintain such an extensive staff?

If you have read our blog for awhile, you are aware that we didn’t start out that way.  All, save our business manager, are volunteers.   The rest bask in our dark and righteous glow, hoping to grow as people and eventually branch out into blogfrica on their own.

That, and we made them up.



  1. Another winner… excellent interviewing JP!

  2. Hilarious. One of the funniest interviews you’ve ever landed.

  3. Well done. I feel as if I am smarter than I was five minutes ago.

    Thank you Pyle of List.

  4. Are these guys for real, or is this a big joke to them?

  5. royals– Was it all a big joke to Dr. King? Was it all a big joke to Malcolm X? Is it all a big joke to Brothern Pacman?

  6. I wish I could scratch the white from my skin and start over. I am a new man today.

  7. Actually, Burnsy, you may be alarmed to discover that even your skin contains melanin. One need only exit the old parental basement for fifteen minutes daily to activate it.

  8. Brilliance, sirs.

  9. Extra P., you better not be messing with me. I only step outside for female joggers and female joggers.

  10. Seems like a fair set of criteria to me.

  11. And you will always be welcome to our Carolina Blue legion, NOISb.

    This is JP’s best interview yet.

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