Posted by: Jon Pyle | July 18, 2007

My (Brief) Brush with Greatness, Part II

My favorite Sports Radio show is PMS on AM 570. Anytime I’m in my car from 4-7 you can bet I’m listening to Matt “Money” Smith and Petros Papadakis. I even download their podcasts here (under PMS), I assure you it’s worth a listen even if you’re not living in So Cal.

Either way, Petros and Money were kind of enough to do an interview with me via e-mail. Here’s my brief interview with Petros Papadakis:

Both of you have been in the radio game for awhile at various outlets but never together. How did you guys wind up doing a show together?

Money and I developed a friendship through KROQ and my old show on 1540

And when I left my old station it seemed like a natural move 

Please share something interesting about Money that we may not know.

Matt has a beard and is verrrrrrrry particular

With a shockingly impressive resume in the music world 

Fight Club Forum is an excellent radio feature. So much so that we ripped it off here with Fracas Friday. Where did the idea come from?

I developed the idea through an intern on my old show

Give us an idea of what your day looks like when you’re doing the show. How do you prepare?

We write and leave room for improv

Try and share an office and stay out of each others way

The show has deceiving structure 

You guys get some great interviews on your show. Who are your favorite people to talk to?

People that say things and understand how to be a guest I don’t care how big the name 

In that same vein, are there people you’re still star struck by?

Musicians and Lasorda and anyone from the sac bee 

There are a few standard questions we ask everyone we interview and we’ve gotten some great answers (no pressure): What is your greatest athletic achievement? What are the three best sporting events you’ve ever seen live or in person? Would you be so kind to create a personalized Top-5 list?

I don’t show up at events unless I’m being paid

But USC- Fresno St in 2005 was unreal

Peninsula high v Leuzinger high 99

Cal-USC 2003

Rolling hills high v Torrance high 1990

Peninsula freshman v Bell Gardens 2006

All football 

What advice can you give anyone out there trying to break into sports media?

Find an in

Get lucky

Freak out 

Where do you see the future of mainstream sports media in the next 5 years? How will blogs play a part in that?

Radio serves people in their cars

They are our captives in la

Blogs and the web have destroyed local news and newspapers 

How did you transition from college athlete to sports media figure? Was that your goal?

I have no goals but to keep working

I got lucky

I never thought of this kind of work

Someone called me and put me on TV 

We have a big USC following on our site, so can you indulge us with a USC football story?

We used to do lots of things undercover when we sucked

I don’t know where to start

Plus I can’t type

Just this took a half hour


You called Matt Leinart a “douche nozzle” on your show and it’s an alarmingly good phrase. How do you feel about adding that word to the vocabulary of listeners’ everywhere?

I stole it from a listeners email

Still like it? 



  1. In Central Florida, fans of sports talk radio admire deaf people. I’m saying it sucks here.

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