Posted by: Lunchbox | July 19, 2007

Shaq’s Fat Camp Episode IV

(New and improved with a cool photo)

Okay, I love this show. As a Kings fan, I used to loathe Shaquille O’Neal. Thought he was a fat, lazy, uninteligent oaf. I hated everything about the Lakers (still do). Anyway, Shaq goes and does something like this show…and TOTALLY redeems himself! I can’t get enough. Although, it probably helps that he’s no longer a Laker.

This week started out with James telling us that he misses pizza the most, calling it “flamingly delicious”. James seems like a pretty normal kid, but that’s a phrase straight out of WeHo. He also tells us that school food tastes just like fast food. Oh yeah, the burp count for that 45 second interview was only two.

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