Posted by: Jon Pyle | May 28, 2007

Discussion: Crazy Kobe Trade Scenarios

Now Kobe is backpedaling away from his ultimatum with the “I’m just making a suggestion” line, making a trade significantly less likely. But that doesn’t mean we can’t come up with insane trading scenarios!

This would be an excellent year to trade Bryant, with 2 potential franchise guys in the draft and a myriad of All-Star caliber but unhappy players. Here are my best attempts:

Trade #1: Blazers

Trailblazers get: Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum

Lakers get: LaMarcus Aldridge, Jarrett Jack and the #1 pick.

Lakers get a nucleus to build around and the franchise Center they always want in Oden. They won’t win now, but will have the most promising young talent in the NBA. The Blazers will become an instant contender since Kobe will have Zach Randolph and Brandon Roy as legitimate second and third options. They also get Bynum, a developing Center that won’t directly threaten Randolph’s place in the post for a few years.

Trade #2: Sonics

Sonics get: Kobe Bryant and the Lakers 1st and 2nd round pick

Lakers get: Luke Ridnour, Ray Allen and the #2 pick

Lakers address shooting and point guard needs, while presumably adding Durant to go along with Lamar Odom. They also get to hold onto their project Andrew Bynum. Sonics get a motivated Kobe Bryant, and a pretty solid 1st and 2nd round picks in a deep draft. They can package these picks to move up grab to the 5th-9th picks if they’d like. More importantly, with Kobe the team has a proven superstar to keep the Sonics in Seattle.

Trade #3: Nets

Nets get: Kobe Bryant

Lakers get: Jason Kidd and Vince Carter

Nets get the Batman for Richard Jefferson’s Robin, who will be the reliable sidekick Kobe’s been looking for post-Shaq. Lakers get Jason Kidd who’ll be primed to make one last run at a title, making Odom, Carter and Bynum better players in the process.

Trade #4: Celtics

Celtics get: Kobe Bryant and Vlad Radmanovic

Lakers get: Paul Pierce and the #5 pick

The Sports Guy gets: material for years

The Celtics get to overcome their lottery misfortunes by acquiring arguably the best player in the NBA and a marquee franchise guy. They also get a shooter in Radmanovic, which they need as well. Boston media will have something new to talk about. The Lakers get a player in Pierce that is willing to defer when necessary, can match 80-90% of Kobe’s production and a high draft pick to take a very good player.

I prefer the Blazers deal myself, but I’m a sucker for blockbuster trades. Please propose your trade scenarios, no matter how crazy, in the comments.

Click here for ESPN’s handy Trade Machine.



  1. 1. no way Portland gives up both Oden & Aldridge. I don’t care how lethal the black mamba is…

    2. Sonics can’t afford to give up both Ray Allen & Kevin Durant. They need to ship Rashard Lewis out and try to acquire a point guard or big man…

    3. Kobe would never agree to go to New Jersey unless Jason Kidd was staying put…

    4. I actually like this one…but as a Knicks fan, you know i had to drop this gem on ya…

    Knicks get: Kobe ‘Black Mamba’ Bryant

    Lakers get: Mardy Collins, Jared Jeffries & whatever is left of the CBA. Think the Lakers would bite?

  2. by the way…added you to the blogroll…feel free to return the favor…wow, i sounded like a desperate prostitute just then…try not to hold that against me…

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  5. #1 and #2 are never happening. I don’t see either team looking to pick up the baggage that Kobe brings with him. Portland wouldn’t lose out on Oden for Bynum, who has no defensive presence, and Seattle can draft a Kobe-like player, only years younger.

    #3 is actually a bad trade for the Lakers. Aging Jason Kidd is still one of the best point guards in the league, but Vince Carter is a slug.

    #4 would be hilarious.

  6. Kobe will only go to a winner, with his “No Trade” clause. Thus, he will only go to either Chicago (which would be the Lakers choice, get him out of the West), Phoenix, or possibly Dallas.

    My best scenario for Phoenix, since I am a Suns fan, and the only one I think the Lakers would accept, is as follows:

    Lakers get: Amare Stoudemire, Boris Diaw, Marcus Banks and Atlanta’s first round pick for 2008.

    Phoenix gets: Kobe, Ronnie Turiaf, Brian Cook

    Another scenario would go as such:

    Lakers get: Amare Stoudamire, Shawn Marion, Marcus Banks, and Phoenix 1st round pick this year

    Phoenix gets: Kobe, Luke Walton, Brian Cook and Laker’s first round pick.

    I believe that will cover the salaries (I haven’t calculated it, to be honest, however).

  7. Lakers trade Kobe, Radmanovic and the First Round draft pick to Seattle They send Andrew Bynum to Indiana

    Seattle sends their First Round Draft (#2) to Lakers and they send Ray Allen & Earl Watson to Indiana

    Indiana sends Jermanine O’Neal to Lakers

    Trade works according to ESPN Trade Machine

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  9. […] in crazy potential trade for Kobe? Click here for Pyle of List’s own and discuss your own in the comments.   […]

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